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Healthcare professionals are always looking for ways to improve the delivery of services. Caring for your patients is your number one concern, but why not consider the total patient experience? By making the payment process easy, you not only increase patient satisfaction, you'll also improve your profitability.

Payments Gateway has a proven track record for helping healthcare providers of all sizes benefit through our complete transaction processing solution. We meet and exceed security requirements of the Card Industry Standards Program (CISP) and verified as Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

Most healthcare organizations offer a variety of payment options; while this addresses the variety of payment preferences, it also creates additional administrative work, complicates reporting and increases costs of payment processing. Payments Gateway can help:

  • Streamline the processing
  • Improve and consolidate reporting
  • Reduce costs by offering a solution for every type of payment you receive.

Payments Gateway is the only provider you'll ever need for your transaction processing.

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