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IVR Payment Processing

Payments Gateway's Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) Processing is a key element that many companies can utilize. IVR Processing can be accessed via a toll-free number or you can route calls from your existing phone system menu. Upon arrival, callers are presented with a pre-recorded call flow and script - some of which are custom recorded, some of which are pre-built for optimum usability, speed-to-market, and corporate brand continuity.

IVR Phone Payments Consumer Benefits

  • Savings from eliminating postage costs
  • Convenience of paying bills anytime, anywhere
  • The ability to review balances and receive immediate acknowledgment of payment

IVR Phone Payments Business Benefits

  • Telephone payments can be processed 24/7
  • Inbound telephone payments can be self-managed, reducing processing expenses
  • By replacing manual tasks with automated services, errors are reduced

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