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Every month property management companies spend a great deal of time and energy collecting rent from their tenants. The costs for accepting, processing and depositing checks continue to escalate. ACH Direct offers a complete solution to address these challenges.

e-Checks: A cost-effective & faster way to process rent payments

By offering a recurring e-check payment option, property management companies enjoy consistent, predictable streams of revenue. Renters prefer the convenience and peace-of-mind, knowing that their rent will be paid automatically and on-time, thus avoiding late fees and credit report blemishes.

Harness the cost-savings & efficiencies of ACH via check conversion

Some renters prefer to retain control by submitting a monthly check for their rent payment. ACH Direct has a solution to help reduce the costs of paper check acceptance.

Reduce losses due to NSF & uncollected checks

Our DirectRecoveryTM program uses a variety of fully electronic collection techniques, backed up with traditional attorney-assisted collections. ACH Direct can provide you with a higher collection ratio in addition to the quickest funding available today.

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