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If your company sells products and services online, or through any combination of online, brick-and-mortar or mail order/telephone channels, Payments Gateway can help maximize all of your payment processes with a complete, cost-effective transaction processing solution.

Payments Gateway makes it easy for your company to accept all types of payments. We've developed all of our front-end and back-end solutions "in-house," allowing the flexibility to design a customized solution for companies of all sizes, from the smallest "mom-and-pop" shop to the biggest corporation.

Whatever your customer's choice of payment, we're the only processor you'll ever need. We offer:

  • Real-time credit/debit card and electronic check processing
  • Support for all major credit cards
  • Risk management tools help minimize losses
  • Check conversion applications
  • Powerful recurring transaction features
  • State-of-the-art re-presentment functions
  • Robust reporting features
  • Lightning-fast authorizations
  • VISA E-Commerce Indicator (ECI) support
  • Supports CVV/CVV2/CIB
  • Support for new receipt masking/truncating requirements
  • Locally stored data is encrypted for you and your customers' protection
  • Address Verification Service (AVS) support

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