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Thank you for selecting the Payments Gateway system to process your financial transactions. We at Payments Gateway appreciate your business and look forward to a successful integration project.


The Payments Gateway system processes financial transactions for merchants, including credit card transactions, recurring transactions and electronic funds transfers (EFTs). Once your system is properly integrated, transaction information will be entered at your point of purchase via card swipe or key entry then transmitted to the PG system. There the system will process the information and approve or decline the transaction then return a response to the point of purchase.


By using Payments Gateway, merchants can process sales (debits), refunds (credits), authorizations, funds capturing and verifications. Transactions recurring weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, as well as single transactions, travel efficiently and rapidly through its channels. In channeling authorizations, settlement and/or funding, PaymentsGateway helps mitigate risk and reduce fraud. Services such as ATMVerifyTM, NCNVerifyTM and IDVerifyTM operate seamlessly with PaymentsGateway’s Secure Web Pay Platform. 


In addition to processing the transaction, the Payments Gateway system allows your team to view transaction details online as soon as they are complete via the Virtual Terminal website at (subject to security clearance, which you control).


This site is intended for use by your technical team or developer who has an understanding of and experience with the following:

  • Basic programming skills
  • Basic integration skills and formats
  • Your in-house swipe card system's formats and protocols
  • SSL, Windows COM or RAW HTTP Data methods of data transmission


In addition to technical instructions, we have also included tips for running a successful integration project, including Best Practices, Testing and Going Live.


Payments Gateway system is simple and quick to integrate with your application.  Below is a high level diagram of the different integration methods.




The Integration Process

This process is used by:

  • New customers who want to set up and integrate to Payments Gateway with their current payment processing system.
  • Current users of Payments Gateway who wish to make changes to their integration method.


The integration process includes the following stages:

  1. Define Delivery Method
  2. Define Message Composition
  3. Testing
  4. Going Live


How to Use This Documentation

First you must decide which delivery method is appropriate for your integration. Once you have determined which method best meets the needs of your project, you are ready to delve into the details and requirements for that method and start building your integration. 

When you're ready, the Testing section describes how to test your integration, and the options and test methods available on the sandbox server. The importance of complete and thorough testing cannot be overemphasized. It is the key to positive go-live experience for your staff and will keep overall costs of integration low (in terms of time and effort spent on training and troubleshooting problems). 

The Going Live section details the final steps in the integration process. When testing is completed, all data can be moved from the test server to the live server, a process called “go-live” or “going live.” If testing has been thorough, this process will be smooth and problem free.

We offer the Best Practices section to provide your team with additional information and suggestions about what types of documentation you should create and maintain for your system administrator and users.