Going Live

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“Going live” or “Go-live” means that your system is ready to work in a production environment. From a technical standpoint, this step involves a minor change to the delivery method and a call to us to have your live account set up.

Of course, from a logistical standpoint and the point of view of end users, go-live can be a stressful experience if testing has not been conducted thoroughly and adequate training has not been provided. We recommend that you involve the integration project manager and any education/training personnel involved with the project to coordinate schedules and efforts for go-live.


Are You Ready?


If you have not yet tested all messages you have created, we encourage you to STOP and go back to the testing stage. Time spent on testing will be repaid in terms of time not spent trying to explain what went wrong to every user on the system during go-live.

If training has not been conducted related to messages that users are unfamiliar with, we recommend you STOP and ensure that all users receive instructions on the meaning of messages that have been created and any new procedures for dealing with those messages.