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The pg_response_code and pg_response_code_description fields are returned in the response message. Their values are listed in the following three tables.

Approved and Declined Responses

These responses are returned for all processed transactions. The A01 response is the only code ever returned for approved transactions. The “U” codes are for declined transactions. In some cases the pg_response_description field value will differ from that in the “description” column.

Code Description  Comments 
A01 APPROVED Transaction approved/completed
U01 MERCH AUTH REVOKED Merchant not allowed to access customer account (EFT only)
U02 ACCOUNT NOT APPROVED Customer account is in the “known bad” account list (EFT only)
U03 DAILY TRANS LIMIT Merchant daily limit exceeded (EFT only)
U04 MONTHLY TRANS LIMIT Merchant monthly limit exceeded (EFT only)
U05 AVS FAILURE ZIPCODE AVS state/zipcode check failed
U06 AVS FAILURE AREACODE AVS state/area code check failed
U07 AVS FAILURE EMAIL AVS anonymous email check failed
U10 DUPLICATE TRANSACTION Transaction has the same attributes as another transaction within the time set by the merchant
U11 RECUR TRANS NOT FOUND Transaction types 40-42 only
U12 UPDATE NOT ALLOWED Original transaction not voidable or capture-able
U13 ORIG TRANS NOT FOUND Transaction to be voided or captured was not found
U14 BAD TYPE FOR ORIG TRANS Void/capture and original transaction types do not agree (CC/EFT)
U15 ALREADY VOIDED ALREADY CAPTURED Transaction was previously voided or captured
U18 UPDATE FAILED Void or Capture failed
U19 INVALID TRN Account ABA number if invalid
U20 INVALID CREDIT CARD NUMBER Credit card number is invalid
U21 BAD START DATE Date is malformed
U22 SWIPE DATA FAILURE Swipe data is malformed
U23 INVALID EXPIRATION DATE Malformed expiration date
U25 INVALID AMOUNT Negative amount
U26 INVALID DATA** Invalid data present in transaction
U51 MERCHANT STATUS Merchant is not “live”
U52 TYPE NOT ALLOWED Merchant not approved for transaction type (CC or EFT)
U53 PER TRANS LIMIT Transaction amount exceeds merchant’s per transaction limit (EFTs only)
U54 INVALID MERCHANT CONFIG Merchant’s configuration requires updating – call customer support
U80 PREAUTH DECLINE Transaction was declined due to preauthorization (ATM Verify) result
U81 PREAUTH TIMEOUT Preauthorizer not responding (Verify Only transactions only)
U82 PREAUTH ERROR Preauthorizer error (Verify Only transactions only)
U83 AUTH DECLINE* Transaction was declined due to authorizer declination
U84 AUTH TIMEOUT Authorizer not responding
U85 AUTH ERROR Authorizer error
U86 AVS FAILURE AUTH Authorizer AVS check failed
U87 AUTH BUSY Authorizing Vendor busy, may be resubmitted (CC only)
U88 PREAUTH BUSY Verification vendor busy, may be resubmitted (type 26 only)
U89 AUTH UNAVAIL Vendor service unavailable (CC only)
U90 PREAUTH UNAVAIL Verification service unavailable (type 26 only)

*pg_response_description will contain the text of the vendor’s response

**pg_response_description will contain a more specific message

Formatting Error Responses

These are the codes returned when formatting errors are found. The response description field will actually list all offending fields in the message (to the 80 character limit). The description field will be formatted as:

<code>:<fieldname>[,<code>:<fieldname> …]

The pg_response_code will contain the first error type encountered. All formatting errors begin with “F”.

Code Description  Comments
F01 MANDITORY FIELD MISSING Required field is missing
F03 INVALID FIELD NAME Name is not recognized
F04 INVALID FIELD VALUE Value is not allowed
F05 DUPLICATE FIELD Field is repeated in message
F07 CONFLICTING FIELD Fields cannot both be present

Fatal Exceptions Responses

These exceptions will stop the processing of a well-formed message due to security or other considerations. All fatal exceptions begin with an “E.”

Code Description  Comments 
E10 INVALID MERCH OR PASSWD Merchant ID or password in incorrect
E20 MERCHANT TIMEOUT Transaction message not received (I/O flush required?)
E90 BAD MERCH IP ADDR Originating IP not on merchant’s approved IP list
E99 INTERNAL ERROR An unspecified error has occurred