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Previous sections detailed the message fields, their use in various message types and the message delivery method. This section provides the final pieces of information you need to actually setup, test, certify and bring your system up live with your messages.

When you perform testing on the Payments Gateway system:

  • Our servers are available 24x7.
  • You can build and test at your own pace.
  • Sample Code is provided for your use.
  • There are “canned” or preset responses for some messages so you’ll know what response indicates a successful transaction when conducting testing (listed in Appendices).

When testing is complete, messages are ready to be placed in a live production environment and the system is ready for operation.

Differences Between Sandbox and Live Servers

The sandbox and live servers are virtually the same. The major differences are listed below.

  • Test CC transactions are never settled
  • Test EFT transactions are never settled
  • Test recurring transactions are never processed